QR Code Tracking

Scanning and information retrieval is...

...really the only way the public sees QR codes. Unless researching them, not many know about all the benefits they offer companies and businesses. Used mainly as a marketing tool, QR codes give businesses a helping hand in developing their marketing campaigns. This is basically done by using a QR generator and assisted tracking software. QR tracking capabilities allows the creator to see a report displaying how many times their code was scanned, what locations had the most scans (if your code is in multiple locations), and the basic demographics of your scanners.

Using tracking software can totally change the way a company targets the public or even how they display their product, brand, and services. QR Codes allow business owners to see whom their most loyal scanners, moderate scanners, and low to non-scanners are. Knowing what works best for marketing your brand allows to you spend more money in your stronger scanning conversion areas, to really gain the full benefits. The tracking software also allows to you alter you campaign in your troubled areas so that you may be successful there and cater to your not so typical customers. Keep your target audience large so that you can reach the highest amount of people and profit possible.

Here is a step-by-step guide to how to track your QR code:

1.    Use a QR Code generator to create, personalize, and register your specific code.

2.    Select “Track Scans”, where you can choose a geographical hub location to track all your QR code scans

3.    Download and print your QR code, then place it on merchandise, stickers, poster ads, etc.

4.    Place QR codes in an environment where your target audience is at a high volume. (Ex. If your target was teenagers, look into placing your codes in malls, and movie theaters

5.    Track your scans daily, monthly, or instantly by connecting your QR code to your cell phone and/or email.

Allow your QR codes to do your dirty work for you, while you sit back and watch your numbers crawl after exposing the public to your new QR code marketing tactic.


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