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QR codes, also known as “Quick Response Codes” are commonly created by companies to enhance their marketing and popularity through scannable 2-D barcodes. They are also being used for social and economic purposes as well. They allow information sharing between friends and promotional marketing opportunities for businesses. Most of the popular smart phones today have barcode scanning capabilities, which instantly retrieves company and product information right to the customers phone. With high-speed Internet access quick retrieval of information is very important to consumers.

Scanning QR Codes lead consumers to the creators website, or provides coupons, details, and comparable prices regarding the specific code scanned. Most companies and businesses use the new barcode technology to market their products, track inventory, and keep reports on the amount of traffic and audience your products or services receive. As customer service is a virtue, with the new technology and social media, reaching out to consumers is easier than ever.

QR codes can easily be created, scanned and decoded right through this site. also offers an array of different resources regarding QR companies, apps, and tracking, and decoding. Let your curiosity take control and explore the wonders of QR code technology.

Ways To Use QR Codes:

  • Marketing you company brand, products, or services
  • Sharing coupons, special offers, and promotions with loyal scanners
  • Spreading the word about a club or social event maximizes interest from the public.
  • For educators, QRs can be used to stay in touch with parents, offer additional resources and help for students; they can also create an interactive learning experience in and outside of the classroom.
  • Libraries can use QR codes to organize their databases, provide extra resources, and add visuals to stories.
  • Banks and retail stores have made is possible to make purchases and payments simply through scanning the 2D codes.
  • QRs can be used on resumes as well as, job applications in order to help promote yourself and your qualifications.

With such a diverse technology it is hard not to get wrapped up in the QR Code craze! So hopefully every generation with be able to share knowledge of this new technology and transform it into a main channel of communication between businesses and consumers.